Grady-White Boats Spring Show

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What’s happening on Saturday?

Jot Owens

You won’t find more Grady-White Boats on display at any other show!  That’s right, we’ll have more Grady-White Boats on the display than any other boat show in the country, including the big shows like Miami International Boat Show.

Boat Show Pricing:  Combine our Atlantic Marine boat show discounts with manufacturer rebates and a free five year Yamaha warranty!

Grady Gear:  Grady Gear special display!  We’ll be overstocked with items we don’t normally carry.  Purchase items while you’re here, or browse our inventory of special items.

CatchFood:  Catch – The Food Truck will be here for lunch from 11:00am until 2:00pm!  If you haven’t enjoyed their fresh seafood creations, it’s a must!

Vendors:  Wells Marine Insurance, TowBoat US, Cape Fear Power Squadron

Seminars:  Drop in any time for one of our great seminars.  See the schedule below.  Short seminars will be presented on the half hour.  Presenters include Captain Jot Owens, in shore and near shore guide, Eric Toften and Bruce Richter of the Grady-White engineering team, Garmin Electronics and Yamaha Master Technician Jody Lang, and Atlantic Marine Parts Manager Greg Kline, Atlantic Marine Service Manager Buddy Mercer and Atlantic Marine Service Director Richard Lane.

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