Bald Head Island Day Trip

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017 – Bald Head Island Day Trip

The Cape Fear Grady Club kicked off the boating season with a day trip to Bald Head Island on Saturday May 20th.

“Our friends also had a great time and were very complementary of…the Atlantic Marine team and appreciative for the lunch.  We are already thinking about a return perhaps overnight and beach trip to Bald Head.” – Steve White, Chesapeake 290

“I can’t thank…your team enough for sponsoring the trip to Bald Head Island today.  Barb and I had a blast and, best of all, we continued to learn about our boat and boating.  …thanks for always being patient with us as we move from lake boating to ocean boating…your customer service always exceeds expectations” – Tom Newton, Freedom 225

“We had a GREAT time [at Bald Head Island]!  Kathy enjoyed [the trip] even more than she expected.  She is ready for Southport.  Thanks so much for putting this together.” – Cummins Mebane, Marlin 300

“Thank you for a wonderful day [at Bald Head Island] and for organizing the club’s activities going forward.” – Fred Eckhauser, Freedom 192

“Thank you for a great visit to Bald Head. It was a great trip and a great group of people both boaters and employees of Atlantic Marine. Thank You for the food and fellowship.” – Steve Edgerton, Tournament 185

Here’s an outline of our day:

  • 9:15am Those leaving from Atlantic Marine will meet
    • You can meet us at the docks and we will review a few basics to remember about the river and navigating to Bald Head.
  • 9:30am departure from Atlantic Marine
    • If your boat is kept along the route to Bald Head, you can fall in line behind the group as we come by your dock.


    • We will travel about 25-27 knots (30 MPH) heading down, depending on conditions
  • 10:45am arrival at Bald Head Island
    • We will get settled, docked.
  • 11:30am Lunch at MoJos on the Harbor as we plan out the summer Grady Life.
    • Come with your ideas in mind of what you’d like to see the club do this year…remember, not all our events have to be directly centered around boating, particularly in the winter.
  • 1:00pm After lunch
  • Depart Bald Head Island anytime you like!